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Visioning (click the title for more information)
A wholistic process for discovering one's passion in life and creating a viable means for it's expression. Available as a one-on-one process or in the form of short inspirational presentations for professional groups or conferences.

Body-Centered Counseling (click the title for more information)
A gentle yet effective process for healing those patterns in your life that are not supporting your life dream. Based on Hakomi body-centered counseling, Internal Family Systems and the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin, this method is supported by the belief that each one of us has both the desire and the capacity to be whole and to express our gifts in the world. Available in hour or hour and a half sessions.

Couples Counseling (click the title for more information)
Using the body-centered methods described above, and working with a two-on-two model (two therapists working with a couple), this is a process of discovering what might need to be healed in order to have the depth of intimacy and the sweetness of companionship that you desire in your primary relationship or work partnership.

Skills for Thriving (click the title for more information)
A compilation of practices that provide the foundation for living a full and productive life in our current fast-paced and sometimes disconnected world. Based on a lifetime of learning, living, and study. Available in the form of weekend retreats and bi-monthly writing evenings. See "what's Happening for dates and times.

Quotes from clients:

"Lynn brings heart and passion to her work. Her approach is original, creative and experiential."

"Lynn's enthusiasm has inspired me in my own vision quest. Exercises using rocks, symbols and breath have been a refreshing alternative for gaining clarity and finding my own original medicine."

"Lynn is a trusted and trustworthy midwife in the sacred time of birthing one's vision. She is able to weave together therapeutic expression, soulful intuition, and savvy business sense."




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