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Body-Centered Counseling

"Our deepest fears are like dragons, guarding our deepest treasures" - Rilke

In order to bring our gifts into the world, there is often a need to lay to rest the demons, doubts and blocks that stand in the way of our full human-beingness. If we are to believe the great sages and spiritual leaders, then we know that our birthright is a state of inner peace in our own lives - a place of spaciousness where we know that we are a part of a vast interconnected living system, we are in fact, held in this system and supported by it.

When this is not our experience in the world, then it is a good time to begin the practice of releasing those memories and habits that keep us from this experience. In my opinion, the most effective and gentle method for making this shift is a combination of body-centered practices, most notably Ron Kurtz's Hakomi, the Internal Family Systems methods of Richard Schwartz, and the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin (see links). Hakomi, based on Buddhism, Taoism and systems theory, focuses on practices such as mindfulness and loving presence (or loving kindness) to assist us in the process of self-study. We learn through time to be aware of the beliefs and the past events that bind us to the painful aspects of our current way of life and discover simple and powerful ways todecrease the pain and increase the joy and satisfaction in our lives.

Richard Schwartz's Internal Family Systems model is based on the belief that each one of us has a "self" that is whole and complete( what some systems refer to as the higher self). He believes that the therapeutic process is one of strengthening one's self and helping the self develop leadership over the various "parts" within us. In combination with Hakomi and Focusing, I believe that Internal Family Systems is the most gentle, respectful and effective method available for personal healing.

Focusing is a method developed by Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago. The method is a way of helping the natural process of healing (which is always taking place) move more quickly and effortlessly. It uses a process of focused awareness, harnessing the wisdom of the body to help us shift painful experiences and discover new levels of peace and freedom.

What Clients Say:

"Lynn has an ability to help me navigate the depths of who I am. I am now much more focused; I can manage my stress level much better and calm myself. I am much more excited about the future"
- Cindy, Professional Musician

"This is the first time I have learned to take responsibility for my own peace and happiness. I cannot thank her enough for her caring, loving, gentle embrace"
- Erika, Homemaker, Teacher and Small Business Manager

Individual Work:

One hour sessions once a week $75
One and one-half hour sessions
Every other week $95



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