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Often when we are experiencing pain or disconnection with those closest to us, we are concerned about finding someone to talk to who can be neutral - not taking one side or the other. Only then do we feel safe to talk about those issues that are truly in our way, those issues that we have been unable to resolve on our own even with our best efforts.

We have found that by providing two therapists, one male and one female, that clients feel safe - that there is an opportunity for each of the clients to be fully heard and honored, without belittling or blaming the other. Only then can true healing begin. Using a combination of Hakomi body-centered therapy, Internal Family Systems and Focusing, Dave Cole and I provide one and one-half hour sessions designed to support couples in regaining or improving the level of trust, passion and connection that they are wanting in their relationship.

The therapists, David Cole and Lynn Morrison are both trained in Hakomi Body-Centered Counseling and Internal Family Systems. They have worked together in various capacities for the past four years. For more information about Dave, see his website at jdavidcole.com.

What clients say:

"We highly recommend their services due to the amazing results we encountered in such a short duration of time. Their work with me instilled a new sense of self worth and great confidence in reaching my goals."
Terry, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Consultant

"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to have more of what I wanted in my life."
- Beth, Nurse, Health Educator, Organizer of Women's Spirituality Gatherings

"At first I was reluctant to see anyone, but after we started I felt safe and supported. I've been able to make changes based on what I want in my life. I'm very grateful."
Alan, Engineer, Consultant


These hour and a half sessions are available once a week or every other week for $150 per hour and a half session.


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